Thursday, August 13, 2009

a day in the night...

The day goes on...late into the night. Kidnapping for the new band members tonight/tomorrow. We pick them up at 4!!!!! We bought some "great" dresses at the thrift store, and we will put our new guard girls in them...it will be great. Ok, I have to go crash the trumpet party!

This day in the night is about to begin.

-Alex Kate

Monday, August 3, 2009

Its a new day.

A new first day of band, a new day without braces, a new day to clean, and new day to prepare, a brand new day. This day has been action packed already and it is only 1. This morning I woke up and went to band. The first day of a new season. How exciting! Learning the call to attention, and how to march has been tedious but fun. "Can I get a hoo ha? hoo ha!" New guard sayings, and new friends. So much fun! The day only continued with an orthodontist appointment at 10:30. A new day brings a new look. The metal baracades came off my teeth today. I am braces free!! It feels weird, but it is definitly a good weird. Well, there isn't much more action to tell you about yet. I am off to clean, and then run errands with guard girls.

A new day to praise!

-Alex Kate

Sunday, August 2, 2009

On this day...

On this day, I started my blog. I don't really have a lot to say, but I decided that I would start blogging just so others know what I am up to and what's going on in my life. At this point it is still summer, so there is not a whole lot going on in my life. However, band did start this week, and as a member of The Amarillo High School Golden Sandie Marching Band I am very excited to start my junior year off with a bang. I am ready for those glimmering friday night lights, and for the bold and courageous dance moves that I and Kelsey will be doing in the stands. The pep rallies come with this experience, and I am ready to win some class cheers and watch the crazy students participate in the excitement that is pride and support for our school. Well, right now thats all that I am up to, and I can't wait for dress up days and box drills!
This "day" has only begun.
-Alex Kate